Hampshire Down sheep

Hof van Autriche is also a pedigree sheep farm of Hampshire Downs: the teddy bear among sheep breeds. I have been breeding this gorgeous sheep breed since 2001. Starting out small, my herd has now grown to about 40 breeding ewes. A limited number of lambs born each year stay on the farm. The rest are sold for breeding, hobby farms or as organic and scrumptious lamb meat.

Features Hampshire Down

The Hampshire Down is a short-legged, blocky, large sized and well-muscled meat and wool sheep. An adult ram can weigh up to 120 – 140 kg, ewes average about 90 – 100 kg.

Characteristic are the slightly dropped ears and the wool covered head and legs. The wool is a creamy white and the unwooled body parts (nose, eyes, ears, knees and lower legs) are coated a deep dark brown to pitch black.


'A perfect match makes me happy.’ - Saskia


The objective of our sheepfarm is to breed pedigree animals with an easy-care, mild disposition. Show potential is a selection criterion. Even more important are sustainability of the animal and production traits such as reproductive performance, milk supply, growth and meat quality.

I mainly breed with home bred rams but also with UK rams through artificial insemination.

The herd consists exclusively of purebred pedigree animals, Maedi-Visna free, certified scrapie resistant and suitable for export.

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Fresh lamb meat

Not all lambs can be sold ‘for life’. After all, there is less need of rams than of ewes. Of all the ram lambs that are born, only a small percentage has the chance to extend life as a breeding ram for a while. The majority, including animals with show and breeding potential, will go to slaughter at a young age, as do non-pedigree ewe lambs.

I take personal responsibility for the entire chain. Animal welfare, from birth to delivery at a small-scale traditional regional butchery. The result is a beautiful, pure product that I fully support.

Lamb meat is only available in spring and early summer. Full or half lambs can be ordered, cut as required.



Are you interested in Hampshire Down sheep, lambs or lamb meat from Hof van Autriche? You are welcome to visit us. Please make an appointment prior to your visit, so I can give you my full attention.

Do you have any questions about the breed or about sheep keeping/farming in general? Do not hesitate to contact me. I am happy to help.

Hof van Autriche is an accredited training company for vocational students. In the lambing season I often have interns from the Animal Care program to familiarize themselves with sheep farming. In particular building up experience with births and all lamb and dam care.